Mincon Hard Rock Hammer Systems

Mincon Hard Rock Hammers are the most extensively tested steerable hammer systems on the market today.  Since 2002 Mincon Hammers have proven themselves to be the most dependable productive air hammer system operating today.

Mincon Hard Rock Hammer Systems utilize "High Frequency Cycle" technology. Mincon is the only manufacturer of steerable hammers that incorporates this feature.

  • High frequency design aids in faster removal of drill cuttings from the bit face while providing the smallest possible chip size.  This aids in keeping the borehole cleaner and reduces the possibility of getting the tool stuck.
  • High frequency design improves the steering capabilities of the tool. In head to heads against competitive manufactures the Mincon Hard Rock systems out steered them in dirt, cobble, and solid rock. 
  • High frequency design provides less vibration to the drill string. This ensures less wear and tear to the rig and locating sonde.
  • Setup to utilize any of the available locating sondes on the market, the Mincon Hard Rock Systems can be adapted to your existing locating equipment. 

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