A better way to bore: No sacks. No Powder. No Mess. 

Horizontal Directional Drilling products from ProAction Fluids are changing the industry. No more heavy bags, easy to mix and now available at all Vermeer Mid Atlantic locations.

ProAction Fluids come in the new EZ Bag: Maximum performance with minimal dosage rates. Improve your drilling efficiency and add more profit to the bottom line of your project.


ProAction Fluids Horizontal Directional Drilling Products: Click on products to download literature

PRODRILL - Soil stabilizer, viscosifier &friction reducer. ProDrill is a proprietary blend of polymers that are specially formulated to rapidly disperse and hydrate completely in water. ProDrill builds shear-thinning, psuedoplastic viscosity which makes it easy to pump while also facilitating cuttings transport in the bore-hole.

Highly effective in clayey conditions
Lubricates drill pipe and bore-hole
Excellent base fluid for complex soil conditions
Best overall value-add product on the market

PRODYNE - Non-foaming drilling detergent & water conditioner

ProDyne ensures the drill bit stays clean of debris by reducing the “stickiness” of clay material.
Excellent surfactant in fluid systems for “water only” type drilling mixes
Works in combination with ProDrill in sticky clays to prevent clay from sticking to bit
Coats pipe string and produces a smooth creamy stream of cuttings material
Helps keep bit cool in mud and rocky soil conditions by water wetting surfaces
Conditions and softens mineral-rich water to maximize performance of other ProAction Fluids products

CLAYLOCK - Clay control additive to prevent swelling of clay

Additive for swelling clay conditions
Helps reduce the swelling of clay
Increases productivity by reducing torque and increasing debris removal
Keeps pipe clean by preventing clay deconsolidation

BORESHIELD  - Prevents fluid loss in sand & loose soil. ProAction Fluids Sand Matrix is formulated for maximum performance in sandy conditions that have been historically problematic. Avoid the efficiency drains of powder mixes and gain back precious drill-time!

Creates “wall cake” preventing fluid leak-off to area surrounding bore hole
Single product with no complicated recipes to follow
Quickly disperses into your drilling fluid with minimal shear
Works in conjunction with ProDrill to coat pipe string and return cuttings to surface
Biopolymer based viscosifier suspended in biodegradable base oil


Soil Characterization

It is important to characterize your soil conditions to achieve maximum efficiency from your bore. Use the Soil Triangle to help select the right ProAction Fluids products for you job.


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